Urban Housing

Shoesmith Cox Architects truly specializes in urban housing and creative density.  We listen to our customer, to the market and the environment to create projects of timeless beauty, poetic function and enduring value.  These include:

Walton Lofts (142 units), Seattle, WA
Joseph Arnold Lofts (131 units), Seattle, WA
Cornerstone Building (112 units/retail), Bellingham, WA
Sunset Electric Building (95 units / retail), Seattle, WA
Mosler Lofts (150 units / retail), Seattle, WA
Gallery (214 units / restaurant / offices), Seattle, WA
Kendall Yards Master Planning (78 Ac), Spokane WA
Harbor Square (180 units / retail), Bainbridge Island, WA
Thea’s Landing (247 units / retail), Tacoma, WA
High Point Community (Phase I 300+ homes), Seattle, WA
75 State Street (106 units / retail), Kirkland, WA